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Vocational Training

At the ROP we make education a top priority. However, we find that not all students are going to be successful academically. Sometimes it's simply due to the fact that their time surviving on the street meant falling far behind in school. But just because they are not successful in class doesn't mean they do not possess potential and deserve a chance at a better life. So boys who perform poorly in school are offered the option of attending vocational training programs and ROP covers all of the necessary costs. Usually these are one year programs which may be in trades such as auto mechanics, plumbing, electrical work or hotel management. As with all of our children, we pay for their tuition and school materials as long they maintain good grades and behavior.

With Rwanda being a rapidly developing country skilled tradesmen are in high demand. In a country where youth unemployment is very high, having techical skills gives our graduates a great advantage in the employment market. In fact, most of our graduates find stable work within six months of graduating the ROP program, something of a rarity for most youth in Rwanda.


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