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Vocational Training

At the ROP we make education a top priority. However, we find that not all students are going to be successful academically. Sometimes it's simply due to the fact that their time surviving meant falling far behind in school. But just because they are not successful in class doesn't mean they do not possess potential and deserve a chance at a better life. So boys who perform poorly in school are offered the option of receiving vocational training. Usually these are one year programs which may be in auto mechanics, plumbing, electrical work or hotel management. As with all of our children, we pay for their tuition and school materials as long they maintain good grades and behavior.

The long term vision of the ROP is to raise enough funding to be able to establish our own vocational training school for trades such as mechanics and carpentry.

Rwandan Orphans Quilting Project

The Quilting Project was originally conceived as a type of vocational training for some of the ROP's older boys who were not performing well academically. They were taught how to make quilts that we would then sell, using the profits to pay school tuition for girls in secondary school. However, since our children who have struggled academically now opt to learn other, more practical trades, we have had to adapt the Quilting Project. Today the ROP employs one of the graduates of the original Quilting Project program. He now makes quilts, handbags, cushion covers and other items that we take to various restaurants and hotels around Rwanda to sell. But despite the changes to the project, one important fact remains: that ten girls lives are changed each year, thanks to the money raised by selling these beautiful items.

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