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Sponsor a Child

One of the most rewarding ways to become an ROP donor is to make the long term commitment of sponsoring one of our children. This allows you to have a connection with one of the boys you are supporting at the ROP Center and allows us a steady donation to rely on to provide all the needs they require.

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Sponsoring a child is simple. All we ask is that you commit to donating $35 (£20) each month for a Basic Sponsorship or $50 (£35) each month for an Extended Sponsorship by setting up an automatic monthly payment.

When you have made your first donation to the ROP you will receive a letter of gratitude from the Rwandan Orphans Project thanking you for your sponsorship. You will also receive some photos of your child, along with information about his history, his life on the streets and how his life is now at the ROP Center. Every six months you will receive an update on your child along with new photos. You will also receive the ROP’s quarterly newsletter, AMAKURU!, which allows you to read all about the news and events happening around the Center.

The money from your donation will go into the ROP’s general fund that supports your child and all of the other children we care for at the Center. We guarantee that 100% of every donation goes to Rwanda to provide the necessary needs. Not a single penny is spent in the U.S.

If you have decided that you would like to accept this long term commitment to helping us give a child a stable life and a more promising future now all that's left to do is choose which type of sponsorship you'd like to sign up to. We offer two options:

Basic Sponsorship

Extended Sponsorship

So please, consider your options and make a selection below. Once you have made your first donation and we have confirmed the transaction you will receive a letter from us.

US and International (non-UK) Donors please select from the options below

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