ROP News:

The Rwanda Staff

Our staff in Rwanda are the ones who perform amazing work with the children every day. Each of them has consistantly shown dedication, enthusiam and love for the children of the ROP. It is through their hard work, commitment and determination that each child is transformed from being a survivor on the streets to a healthy, disciplined and educated young man.

Celestin Mitabu (left) - Center Director

Celestin is responsible for the operations at the ROP Center. He has been the director at the ROP since 2008.

Tom Muzigura (right) - Deputy Director/Accountant

Tom's primary duty is handling the Center's accounting; tracking expenses, paying salaries and ensuring the Center has properly budgeted for all of its monthly needs. He also assists the Director in managing the staff.

ROP Catch-up School Teachers

The teachers at the ROP catch-up school (from left): Florence, Landouard, Sandrine, Jean de la Croix, Matha and Jules

ROP Social Workers

Jean d'Amour and Alex are the center of the ROP's social work program. They conduct interviews of incoming children, assess the mental health of our boys and conduct regular counseling sessions with those who need it. They also conduct workshops with the children to teach them life skills and prepare them for life outside of the Center.

Center Supervisor and Caretakers

The ROP Center Supervisor, Jean de Dieu, and the Center caretakers Louise and Jean Claude have the responsibility of watching over the children and making sure they are safe, clean and healthy. They also organize activities for the children and they play a major role in mentoring the boys and encourage them to work hard in school and maintain good behavior.

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