How You Can Help

Thank you for considering making a donation to the children of the ROP. Being a small organization we are able to survive and provide for the welfare and education of Rwanda's vulnerable children only with the help of individuals like you.

Sponsor a child


One of the most rewarding ways to become an ROP donor is to make the long term commitment of sponsoring one of our children. This allows you to have a direct connection with our children and allows us a steady donation to rely on to provide all the needs they require.

Sponsoring a child is simple. All we ask is that you commit to donating $35 (£20) each month for a basic sponsorship or $50 (£35) each month for an extended sponsorship by setting up an automatic monthly payment.

When you have made your first donation to the ROP you will receive a letter of gratitude thanking you for your sponsorship, some photos of the child you are sponsoring and some information about him. We will also send out updates on the children each year.

PLEASE NOTE: The money from your donation will go into the ROP’s general fund, which supports all of the children we care for, and does not go directly to any individual children. For reasons of privacy and respect to our children, we do not inform the children when they are sponsored and no communication between child and sponsor happens.

If you would like to make a long-term commitment to helping us give a child a stable life and a more promising future, please choose from the options below.

Basic Sponsorship

  • Basic sponsorship will help provide the basic needs of the children, such as clothing, medical treatment, food and other necessities. This option costs $35 (£20) each month.

Extended Sponsorship

  • Extended sponsorship will help us provide all the needs of a basic sponsorship, but also provides for the funding of the child's education, including school fees and student materials. This option costs $50 (£35) each month.

So please, consider your options and make a selection below. Once you have made your first donation and we have confirmed the transaction you will receive a letter from us.

US and International (non-UK) Donors please select from the options below


US and International (non-UK) Donors please select from the options below


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