About the ROP

Our mission is to provide street children and vulnerable youth with a home, hope, and opportunities. We reconnect families to create stronger Rwandan communities.


ROP moved into our new home, called the Imizi Children's Center by our children, in October 2015 after being forcefully evicted from our previous home of over five years in Kigali. While our new site is much better suited to the care of children, many of the buildings sat unused for years prior to us moving in and require repairs and renovations. 

Our current facilities include:

  • Two large dormitories 
  • Six classrooms
  • A teachers' office
  • Social work/counseling office
  • A small clinic
  • A large dining hall
  • A library/playroom
  • One toilet block
  • A storage room for clothes and donations
  • An outdoor volleyball ground


We are currently in need of:

  • A second set of toilets for boys and girls
  • Bathing rooms for our resident boys
  • A sports field
  • Renovations to our second dormitory, which is unusable in it's current state
  • Water storage tanks
  • Various building, electrical and plumbing upgrades