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Friends of the Rwandan Orphans Project

While there are many people who assist the Rwandan Orphans Project, some show a special commitment to our children with their hard work, devotion and an extra amount of love. We like to honor these wonderful people by proclaiming them official Friends of the ROP.

Dianne Longson - Australia


Dianne has been a long time resident of Rwanda and a great friend and supporter of the Rwandan Orphans Project. She has sponsored many ROP children in secondary school, paid for our Animal Project and purchased many of our needs over the years such as supplies for our school, medical supplies, student needs and medical treatment for our children. As a medical professional she has also offered health and hygiene advice to help us ensure that we offer the children the healthiest environment possible.

Anna Luckock and Louise Beck - England

Louise and Anna

Anna and Louise arrived from England in November of 2010 and spent about a month with the children of the ROP. Anna, a social worker by trade, sat down with many of our younger boys, discussing their pasts, talking about their problems and helping us get to better understand their emotional needs. Louise is an artist, and she helped us out by showing us new ways of using art to allow the boys to express themselves and have fun. They also helped us paint one of the dormitories and painted a giant version of our logo on the dining room wall. Aside from those things they just enjoyed spending time with the boys and we all loved having them around. Even today they continue to be a part of the ROP by assisting us in raising funds in the U.K. and donating money to keep our mission going.

Anna and Pavel Romaniuk - Poland

Anna and Pavel

Anna and Pavel came to Rwanda to work with a Polish NGO, but they decided that they wanted to devote their spare time to Rwanda's vulnerable children. Luckily for us, they found out about the ROP Center and decided to give us a hand. For eight months they taught classes in music, singing, photography, and computers, among others, and trained our staff in behavioral therapy. They spent many hours each week working with the saff to make the Center a better place for our children. Along with the generous donation of their time, they also contributed financially to the ROP, even buying each child his own pair of athletic shoes - something many of them had never had before - for Christmas. They became great friends to every child and ROP employee during their time with us.

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