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Donating to the Rwandan Orphans Project

Thank you for considering making a donation to the children of the ROP. Being a small organization we are able to survive and provide for the welfare and education of Rwanda's vulnerable children only with the help of individuals like you.

The ROP is registered in the United States as a 501(c)3 non-profit charity and we are happy to issue prompt receipts of your donations for your tax reporting purposes.

How to Donate

We provide donation options for both our US and UK based donors. Please select your country below and you will be directed to the appropriate donation page.




Where Your Donation Goes

At the ROP we strive to get the most out of every dollar that is generously donated to us. Our staff members in the U.S. are all volunteers and so we can assure you that 100% of your donation goes directly towards the care of the children living at the ROP Center in Rwanda. Whether you donate by check or via Paypal, your money first goes to the ROP bank account in America, where our U.S. based accountant records the donation before transferring it to the ROP bank account in Kigali. There the money is budgeted for on a monthly basis by the Center coordinator, director and accountant to be used for the primary needs of the Center. Once the money has been spent, receipts are recorded and a financial report is submitted back to the U.S. based accountant.

It is a top priority for us that every penny that is kindly donated to our organization is used in the most efficient way possible and that the organization is completely transparent to our donors every step of the way. With our limited funding we realize the importance of getting the most out of every donation.