ROP News:

The ROP Board of Directors

Dr. Reinsch

Dr. Ron Reinsch - President

Ron is a retired OB/GYN who practiced at Kaiser in San Diego for many years. During his full time practice he made trips to Honduras, Lithuania, Russia, Ghana, Mexico, and Congo, working with those in need and teaching. His first visit to Rwanda was in 2005 with Dr. Oas. Seeing the homeless children in the streets left a profound effect on him. Dr. Sandra Bagley, who was living in Kigali, and whom Ron met while there, contacted Dr. Oas about a children's center helping street children, many whom were survivors of the Genocide. The center needed help. They pulled together and formed the Rwandan Orphans Project.


Kimberly Taylor - Treasurer

Kim graduated from UCLA in Accounting and Economics and is a tax accountant who learned about ROP through local work in San Diego. Once hearing more about the children in Rwanda, Kim wanted to be more involved in their growth and development. She plans on visiting the orphanage sometime this year. Kim was elected as a Board member in 2013.

Larry Crabill

Larry Crabill - Global Development Director

Larry is a Financial Consultant serving the financial services industry, home based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. He was invited to join the board in 2013. He serves the ROP as Global Developement Director. His primary responsability is to oversee fundraising for our much needed New Orphanage Facilities.You may contact him at


Carol Dall - Secretary

Carol Dall has been an active volunteer with ROP since 2006 when she visited the Center in Kigali as a trauma therapist to work with the children there. She also participated in collecting data for a 4 year longitudinal study on TFT Trauma Relief begun there at that time. She graduated with a BS in Education from Bucknell University. She is a Masters Level Certified Reading Specialist having completed coursework at West Chester University. She subsequently completed an MS in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University and is a Certified School Guidance Counselor. She has been active in the field of education and counseling psychology for several decades; specializing in learning disabilities, and child and family and trauma counseling. She is California Certified as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselor. She has been an ROP Board Member for 5 years and serves as the Board Secretary.

Dr. Hall

Dr. James Hall

Dr. Hall is a retired dentist from San Diego. He has been with Rwandan Orphans Project since 2007 and has visited Rwanda and the ROP Center four times. He has donated his time as a dental health provider as well as by organizing, overseeing and advocating for the Center to the local government and community in Kigali.


Sean Jones

Sean began working for the ROP as a volunteer in mid 2009. He came to Rwanda to assist the Center in January 2010. He was invited to join the board of directors in 2010.


Jenny Clover

Jenny is a journalist from the UK who moved to Rwanda in early 2010 and began working with the ROP a few months later and has been at the ROP Center in Kigali ever since. Jenny was elected as a Board Member in 2011.


JoAnn Longerbone

When JoAnn returned from a group trip to Kigali in 2006 to research the original orphanage she knew that she wanted to be part of the group helping these street children. When the ROP was founded she agreed to serve as Treasurer and Accountant. She had worked for many years and retired as a Senior Accountant and is glad to be using her experience to help ROP to continue to give the children a way to grow up as productive citizens in Rwanda.