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Our Mission:

To provide shelter, food, water, education and health care to the homeless orphans and other vulnerable children of Rwanda. In pursuit of this goal, we partner with Rwandan citizens, professionals and officials. We follow their guidance and experience in fostering a nurturing, stable, healthy, self-sufficient environment for the maximum benefit of the child, community and country.


About the Rwandan Orphans Project

The Rwandan Orphans Project exists to serve the practical, educational and emotional needs of around 100 boys aged between five and 18 who are either orphans or former street children.

We provide:

Eating in the dining hallPlaying VolleyballStudying

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Our Approach

At the ROP we believe that every child has potential, regardless of their past. We provide their basic needs of food, shelter and security and give them an environment where they can laugh, play, make friends and most important of all, attend school. Upon arrival at the Center, each young boy receives a new set of clothes, shoes and a medical checkup. Soon after he feels comfortable in his new home, we conduct an assessment interview to find out all we can about him - where he is from, if he has any living relatives, any health problems and how much schooling, if any, he has completed. This ensures that we can place him in the appropriate level in our catch-up school and that we can get him started on any medical treatment that may be required.

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